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Fear Street Part One: 1994 (2021) Soundtrack

2 Jul 2021





The long-awaited first installment of the Fear Street franchise, from renowned horror writer R.L. Stein finally hits Netflix on 2nd July 2021. The playlist is to die for, with 36 credited songs with a strong 90's vibe. Music supervisors Lindsay Wolfington and Nora Felder have done a killer job at putting together such a well-rounded soundtrack. With huge artists including Portishead, Nine Inch Nails, Pixies, Alice Cooper and the Prodigy - you're sure to find something here you love. The score is also composed by the horror-soundtrack specialist, Marco Beltrami, who is also the composer behind A Quiet Place, World War Z and Scream 4. The official soundtrack is even available for purchase and was released on the same day as the film.

List of Songs

CloserNine Inch Nails
Only Happy When It RainsGarbage
Wasting Love - 2015 RemasterIron Maiden
Damn, I Wish I Was Your LoverSophie B. Hawkins
Sour TimesPortishead
More Human Than HumanWhite Zombie
Gz And Hustlas (feat. Nancy Fletcher)Snoop Dogg
Killing Me Softly with His SongRoberta Flack
Your WomanWhite Town
You Always Hurt the One You LoveThe Mills Brothers
Reminder of UsMarco Beltrami
FirestarterThe Prodigy
The Day I Tried To LiveSoundgarden
More Human Than HumanWhite Zombie
School's OutAlice Cooper

Official Soundtrack OST

Fear Street Part One: 1994 (Music from the Netflix Trilogy) - Official Soundtrack

Fear Street Part One: 1994 (Music from the Netflix Trilogy)

17 songs • 2021-07-02
1.Mall Massacre
Marco Beltrami
2.Main Titles
Marco Beltrami
3.Morning in Shadyside
Marco Beltrami
4.Candlelight Vigil
Marco Beltrami
5.Stop the Bus
Marco Beltrami
6.Goode in the Woods
Marco Beltrami
7.Some Creeper
Marco Beltrami
Marco Beltrami
9.Sheriff Goode
Marco Beltrami
10.Reminder of Us
Marco Beltrami
11.Bathroom Blowout
Marco Beltrami
12.Sam Bait
Marco Beltrami
13.Berman is the Key
Marco Beltrami
14.Market Massacre
Marco Beltrami
15.Bring Her Back
Marco Beltrami
16.See You Tonight
Marco Beltrami
17.Sam Attack
Marco Beltrami

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Marco Beltrami, Anna Drubich, Marcus Trumpp