Janet Jackson - List of Songs

Has 37 songs in the following movies and television shows

Charmed - Poster
After casting the spell 'Call to a restless spirit', Mel and Maggie end up on campus in 1980s; continues as they look around campus for Brenda; Brenda is informed she is no longer part of the Kappa sorority.
Pose - Poster
Stan turns on the radio and this song plays.
Scandal - Poster
As ventures out from the room after spending the night with Firtz, he asks if she wants to spend the day in Vermont; Liv and Fitz travel aboard Fitz's plane to Vermont; Liv survey's the Vermont house when she spots Huck.
Scandal - Poster
Olivia tells Jake their problems are tomorrows problem and kisses him; Audrey takes the stand to make updates; Olivia and Jake have sex; Everyone takes stand around the TV to see Olivia resign only to realize she's not.
Scandal - Poster
Olivia heads into the office as makes her way she sees things from office being moved out; Quinn and Charlie both brood; Olivia finds Jake making himself comfortable in her office; Olivia heads to the oval office to confront Mellie.
Dead Of Summer - Poster
Summer 1989 - 3 Days 'til camp opens - Joel introduces himself to Amy, then they're joined by several other camp counselors.
Grey's Anatomy - Poster
Stephanie asks Penny is she wants to go for a drink; Richard offers to be Arizona's wingman; Meredith turns down Riggs' request to go for a drink; Avery and April stare at the ceiling after having sex.
The Hills - Poster
Lauren has class at FIDM; Whitney works a fashion show in NYC.