Gary Numan - List of Songs

Has 26 songs in the following movies and television shows

South Park - Poster
At Blinky's Airsoft the boys take on the their troublesome teenagers and their friends in Airsoft with the help of the boys dads and Jimbo acting as Cartman's parental figure; Cartman takes out his teenager in the bathroom; Randy lure out the teenagers with his Vaccination Special then take them out with a pellet infused grenade; End credits.
Roswell, New Mexico - Poster
Flint tosses the bomb intot the crowd; Maria finds the bomb and runs off with it; Jenna tries to evacuate the crowd; Max faces off against Flint; Alex tries to convince his dad the bomb will kill their family; Liz works to revive Max.
Climax - Poster
Opening scene as Lou Is crawling through the snow bleeding as the credits roll.
Woodshock - Poster
Keith brings the Cannabinoid drugs to Theresa and Nick's house.
Snowfall - Poster
Franklin takes Leon to meet one the Volpe's where they are filming porno & doing blow.
Lethal Weapon - Poster
Riggs and Murtaugh find an empty van with the stereo blasting and 'sinner' painted on the ceiling in blood.
Everybody Wants Some!! - Poster
The guys play cards and haze Brumley
Covert Affairs - Poster
McQuaid & Decker break out of prison; the policia scramble to find their escaped prisoners.
Covert Affairs - Poster
Belenko tells Auggie he wants something from him; Auggie is taken to a new location.
Pretty Little Liars - Poster
Ezra heads down into his cabin's basement to check out surveillance photos of the girls.
The Muppets - Poster
They drive to find the rest of the muppets.
Fringe - Poster
Alistair implants additional hardware in himself.
Freddy Got Fingered - Poster
Gord rides his brand new LeBaron to Los Angeles.
Ski School - Poster
Johnny is about to ski for the first time after being hypnotized by Dave and Fitz.