Morningwood - List of Songs

Has 14 songs in the following movies and television shows

90210 - Poster
Austin & Naomi are detained by security.
Lost Girl - Poster
Bo & Kenzi drink, wax their weapons & practice throwing knives.
Melrose Place - Poster
Amanda tells Ella she has to convince Riley to read her 'script' at the launch party.
The City - Poster
Whitney shows Kelly her design concept sketches.
The City - Poster
Olivia goes to the Rachel Roy showroom.
The Hills - Poster
Steph tells Audrina about Kristin & Justin's kiss.
The Hills - Poster
Lauren leaves the party with Doug.
Sex and the City - Poster
Song during the fashion show. The girls are watching while Carrie narrates.
One Tree Hill - Poster
The girls get ready for the game; Haley arrives.