The Donnas - List of Songs

Has 25 songs in the following movies and television shows

The Hangover - Poster
They drive to Vegas
I Love You, Man - Poster
Peter is talking with Robby at the gym. He doesn't know whether he should call Sidney. Peter rejects the guy with the high voice.
The Hills - Poster
Lauren, Lo & Audrina have dinner together.
Veronica Mars - Poster
Playing during the Rest Stop 15 scene when Weevil takes the bet.
Mean Girls - Poster
First song that plays in end credits.
D.E.B.S. - Poster
When they\'re driving to the bank to catch Lucy.
Alias - Poster
Syd and Will head down to the sub-basement to check out the safety deposit box.
Freaky Friday - Poster
Song as Pink Slip warms up at the House of Blues.
Roswell - Poster
Shots of New York as Liz reads Maria's letter.