The Stills - List of Songs

Has 8 songs in the following movies and television shows

Brothers And Sisters - Poster
Saul arrives to pick up Justin for Sarah's party, but finds him repainting the apartment.
Rookie Blue - Poster
Denise joins the rookies at the bar; Jerry asks Traci the name of her son; Traci thanks Andi for talking to Boyko.
Defying Gravity - Poster
Flashback montage of the crew after the sensory deprivation test & then Maddux finding Nadia in his bed; Zoe looks out at Venus as they near the planet.
Defying Gravity - Poster
The crew put their possessions in the time capsule; the ship crosses the Rubicon; repeats as Eve confronts Mike about the Mars mission; flashback of Maddux going to Nadia's place; Ted returns the crews' items; flashback of Zoe calling the doctor for an abortion & Maddux finding Sharon's baseball on his doorstep, then throwing it into space on the Antares.
P.S. I Love You - Poster
Song when Ciara is playing snaps with her friends.
The O.C. - Poster
Seth picks up Summer and Ryan picks up Taylor to go to Kirsten's party, and everyone dances.
Veronica Mars - Poster
Playing while the 09ers drive into the gas station.