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Fight Club Soundtrack

15 Oct 1999

5 liked songs • 142.3k views • composed by Dust Brothers

Dust Brother's only film score to date, the soundtrack to the David Fincher offers some trippy, puslating beats and ambient music.

The movie features music from obscure artists as well as music by Tom Waits "Goin' Out West", and the iconic "Where Is My Mind" by Pixies.

In 1999, the soundtrack was released on CD and vinyl by Restless Records. In 2001, another limited vinyl pressing was released by Simply Vinyl and was pressed on 180 Gram Black Vinyl. 15 years later, Mondo pressed the soundtrack on 180 Gram Pink vinyl. The sleeve is designed in a unique way in which to open it you must pull around the sacrifice arrow, cutting the sleeve in half for good. However, there is another way: when separating the flap with the sacrifice arrow, a hidden message is revealed.

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Fight Club (Original Motion Picture Score)16 songs
1 Aug 2002

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