Pixies - List of Songs

Has 46 songs in the following movies and television shows

The Rook - Poster
Linda takes a bubble bath, tears up and melts a beeswax candle, then does some exercises in preparation for using her powers.
Happy! - Poster
Amanda is made inject Nick with a liquid by Smoothie; Hailey lefts the diner tray cap to find a backstage pass, a gun, and chicken nuggets.
Mid90s - Poster
Stevie overhears the kids commentating on the French skaters on the TV. Continues as Stevie trades Ian his games for his skateboard and practices skateboarding at his backyard.
The Tick - Poster
Arthur comes to the realization that the Tick may not be real while Tinfoil Kevin performs this song on his kazoo.
The Edge of Seventeen - Poster
Nadine takes off in her mom's car from work
Gold - Poster
Wells and Acosta hangs out with the Indonesian president's son, Danny, in order to get him to join them in gold mining business. Later, Danny convinces him to pet a tiger.
Daddy's Home - Poster
Scene where we are shown the family drawings that Megan has drawn.
Knock Knock - Poster
Belt plays this record as she and Genesis depart with Monkey, leaving Evan to his fate. Karen and the kids arrive home to the entire house ruined while speechless.
Horns - Poster
Ig finds Merrin's Cross, cut scene to him as a kid with his friends blowing up different things.
This is 40 - Poster
Pete sings to this song in the car.
Zack and Miri Make A Porno - Poster
Lester and Delaney are asleep on the couch. The others are playing a game at the table. Miri and Stacey are talking about Zach
Accepted - Poster
Bartleby checks the mailbox and gets rejected from his 8th school
The O.C. - Poster
The song plays on the stereo as Carter dwells in self pity and Kirsten calls him out for not keeping their meeting.
Unbreakable - Poster
Elijah sits at the back of the comic book store as the clerk tells him to leave. (1:05) The clerk wheels Elijah out of the store as Elijah kicks everything in his path.
Fight Club - Poster
The Narrator and Marla watch the destruction of the city together. The song continues playing throughout the credits.
Singles - Poster
Playing in the background when Debbie goes into Expect the Best video dating service.