Ford v Ferrari (2019) Soundtrack

13 Nov 2019

American car designer Carroll Shelby and the British-born driver Ken Miles work together to battle corporate interference, the laws of physics, and their own personal demons to build a revolutionary race car for Ford Motor Company and take on the dominating race cars of Enzo Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France in 1966.





List of Songs

Gimme ShelterThe Rolling Stones
Love's Gonna Live HereBuck Owens
Handy ManDel Shannon
Dark SideThe Shadows of Knight
Hold OnThe Paladins
Don't Bring Me DownThe Animals
Stop Your SobbingThe Kinks
Money (That's What I Want)The Kingsmen
Darling (I Need Your Love) (Remastered)The Chips
Surfer BabyJerry Burnham
Flyin' Saucers Rockin' RollBilly Lee Riley
Hot StreaksJo Part
Tick TockPhil Flowers
Hipsville 29 B.C. (I Need Help)The Sparkles
Kustom Kar ShowDavid Marks & The Marksmen
Have Love Will TravelThe Sonics
Juan CharrasqueadoEmerson Ensemble
Ace of SpadesMotörhead
Shooting StarLes Baxter
Jeannie (I Dream of Jennie Theme)Buddy Kaye and Hugo Montenegro
I Put A Spell On YouNina Simone
Now It's OverLiving Children
Polk Salad AnnieJames Burton
Stranger In a Strange LandThe Byrds
Don't Try Your LuckThe Quarrymen
Move It UpCount Five
Do the KangarooJimmy McHugh
SERENATA HUAPANGARene Byron Brizuela and Enrique Carbajal
I Might Have KnownTeen Kings
Pour EUne Fille Comme ToiLucky Blondo
French National Défilé MarchGardemusikken

Official Soundtrack

No soundtracks are currently listed for this title.


FORD v FERRARI | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX


guesta year ago
What’s the song when Ken Miles is alone in garage, listening to race of Le Mans ’65 over the radio, before his wife shows up and plays Nina Simone? That song is nowhere to be found apparently. Sounds like “Miles is not a Ford man”, but not exactly. Maybe some version of it, but still a whole another thing. Anyone have a clue? Thanks

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