The Kinks - List of Songs

Has 63 songs in the following movies and television shows

9-1-1 - Poster
Montage of Maddie and Chimney attempt to bring on Maddie's labor in different ways after her due date comes and goes.
9-1-1 - Poster
Eddie meets with Ana for a breakfast date.
Avengers: Endgame - Poster
Banner/Hulk shares a tacos with Scott - Way to New Hasgard
The Umbrella Academy - Poster
1989 - Reginald Hargreaves heads home with the seven babies he adopted.
Channel Zero - Poster
Tom and Jillian's daughter creates a dream door; end credits.
Cloak & Dagger - Poster
Tandy wanders through an abandoned amusement park, as she goes to join Mina for her first day as her intern.
Legion - Poster
Lenny's car stereo turns on by itself and changes stations; continues as Lenny appears in the desert with an overheating car.
Love, Simon - Poster
Simon plays this record in his room. He gets a call by Leah about an online confession of a closeted gay student at their high school
Office Christmas Party - Poster
Clay rides the sleigh down the stairs and crashes on the Christmas decorations.
iZombie - Poster
Clive, Liv and Major fight off zombies in the parking garage.
Minions - Poster
The trio chase the crown through, leading to a carriage and car chase.
Bloodline - Poster
The boys goes for a drive in the newly-fixed truck.
True Detective - Poster
Song as Marty is back with the kids at the ice skating rink.
God Bless America - Poster
Frank walks along the walk of fame with his newly purchased AK-47 to the American Superstarz premiere. All the stars exit the limo and walk the red carpet.
Love and Other Drugs - Poster
Jamie and Maggie start having sex all the time. Maggie walks into Jamie's apartment and takes her clothes off without realizing Jamie's brother, Bruce is there.
Grown Ups - Poster
Playing after the basketball game during the fireworks. Marcus shoots an arrow in the air again.
The Boat That Rocked - Poster
The first song 'The Count' plays on Pirate Radio. More stats are showed on screen, as well as various people listening/dancing.
The Boat That Rocked - Poster
Gavin plays this after he apologises to Simon. Montage of people listening and dancing. They throw Angus in the ocean.
Life On Mars - Poster
Chris follows Sebastian to the New Jersey meadowlands; Sebastian tells Sam that Rocket Girl was abducted by martians.
Step Brothers - Poster
Played while they're eating at the table, Robert asks Brennan and Dale about the Karoake business
The Bank Job - Poster
Playing in the strip club while Terry and his friends talk about the bank robbery.
Juno - Poster
Paulie (Bleeker) gets dressed to go running, he leaves the house to find Juno sitting outside
The Darjeeling Limited - Poster
They run for the train and throw their bags away so they can make it (slow motion)
The Darjeeling Limited - Poster
They walk in slow motion through the village before the funeral starts
The Darjeeling Limited - Poster
Peter runs past Bill Murray and makes the train. He then watches Bill Murray fail to make it
Hot Fuzz - Poster
Sergeant Angel goes for his morning jog and is greeted by the town.
Hot Fuzz - Poster
Nicholas arrives at the local fair.
Catch Me If You Can - Poster
Song playing at Franks party at his house.
Rushmore - Poster
Herman is throwing golf balls into the pool while watching his wife and her young male friend