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26 Mar 2021





Bad Trip, released on 26 Mar 2021, consists of a playlist of 38 credited songs, from various artists including Boca 45, Samantha Powell and Handsome Boy Modeling School. The tracks from this movie were chosen by music supervisors Rudy Chung and Marielle Jade Te. They were also responsible for selecting the music from other movies such as Minari, The Lovebirds and Coffee & Kareem. The original score is composed by Ludwig Göransson, Joseph Shirley, and an official soundtrack was available to purchase or stream on the 26 March, consisting of 18 original tracks.

List of Songs

Soul On TopBoca 45
Bad Bitch (ft. Cam & China)Samantha Powell
Holy Calamity [Bear Witness II] [feat. DJ Shadow & DJ Quest]Handsome Boy Modeling School
Toots Number TwoBen Davis
I Saw a Girl Today (feat. Eric Andre)Joseph Shirley
Red Barn BluesBen Davis
I Dont Give a F*** (ft. Cam & China)Samantha Powell
Farmer Jeff (Acoustic)Ben Davis, Christopher McKeon
My Baby Likes to Rock ItPrentis Goodwin
I Was Born a RebelJim Wolfe
Eight Hour AutomobilePrentis Goodwin
Bar Room FloorNick Burke
Dream GirlBarry Richards
B Boy JointThe Impossebulls
Booty-WhopBig Freedia
It Takes Pride to Be a Working ManNick Burke
Thank You for Being a FriendAndrew Gold
KnockoutYung Gravy
Party Up (Up In Here)DMX

Official Soundtrack OST

Bad Trip (Music from the Netflix Film) - Official Soundtrack

Bad Trip (Music from the Netflix Film)

18 songs • 2021-03-26
1.Bad Trip Suite
Joseph Shirley
2.I Saw a Girl Today (feat. Eric Andre)
Joseph Shirley
3.Trina and Bud
Joseph Shirley
4.High School Sweetheart
Joseph Shirley
5.I Say Go For It
Joseph Shirley
6.Trip of a Lifetime
Joseph Shirley
7.Tunnel Out of Prison
Joseph Shirley
8.Zoos are Sick
Joseph Shirley
9.Chinese Finger Trap
Joseph Shirley
10.Flipping Off the Freeway
Joseph Shirley
11.The Fight
Joseph Shirley
Joseph Shirley
13.Run for the Bus
Joseph Shirley
Joseph Shirley
15.Trina is Close
Joseph Shirley
16.The Proposal
Joseph Shirley
Joseph Shirley
18.The Standoff
Joseph Shirley

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Ludwig Göransson, Joseph Shirley