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Spirit Untamed (2021) Soundtrack

20 May 2021





Spirit Untamed, released on 20 May 2021, consists of a playlist of 37 credited songs, from various artists including Taylor Swift, Becky G and Amie Doherty. The tracks from this movie were chosen by music supervisors Angela Leus. They were also responsible for selecting the music from other movies such as The Boss Baby: Family Business and Trolls World Tour. The original score is composed by Amie Doherty, and an official soundtrack was available to purchase or stream on the 28 May, consisting of 27 original tracks.

List of Songs

Wildest DreamsTaylor Swift
You Belong (from Spirit Untamed)Becky G
Be Fearless, Fortuna!Amie Doherty
Hail To The ChiefJames Sanderson
Riding FreeKari Kimmel
Better With YouIsabela Merced
Join UpElaine Bogan
Ragged WoodFleet Foxes
FiestaMariachi La Estrella
Fearless (Valiente Duet) [from Spirit Untamed]Isabela Merced

Official Soundtrack OST

Spirit Untamed (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Official Soundtrack

Spirit Untamed (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

27 songs • 2021-05-28
1.You Belong (from Spirit Untamed)
Becky G
2.Fearless (from Spirit Untamed)
Isabela Merced
3.Better With You
Isabela Merced
4.Be Fearless, Fortuna!
Amie Doherty
5.Squirrel Chase
Amie Doherty
6.Meeting Spirit & Main Title
Amie Doherty
7.Welcome to Miradero
Amie Doherty
8.Everybody Knew Milagro
Amie Doherty
9.Snips & Abigail
Amie Doherty
10.You Look Just Like Your Mom
Amie Doherty
11.Hendricks Tries to Break Spirit
Amie Doherty
12.Getting Familiar
Amie Doherty
13.Takes Two To Tango
Amie Doherty
14.Wild Ride
Amie Doherty
Amie Doherty
16.Spirit's Herd
Amie Doherty
Amie Doherty
18.Ridge of Regret
Amie Doherty
19.I Am The Train
Amie Doherty
20.The Two-Hand Pickup
Amie Doherty
21.Rescue Mission
Amie Doherty
22.Leap of Faith
Amie Doherty
23.Hero Dads
Amie Doherty
24.Stay Wild, Brave One
Amie Doherty
25.Fearless (Valiente Duet) [from Spirit Untamed]
Isabela Merced
26.You Belong (Tu Lugar) [from Spirit Untamed]
Becky G
27.Join Up
McKenna Grace

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