Kari Kimmel - List of Songs

Has 55 songs in the following movies and television shows

Dynasty - Poster
Vanessa performs a song for the crowd; Jeff questions him mom about Ashanti's sudden illness, then tells her he's sick.
Dynasty - Poster
Montage of Fallon trying on clothes for a girls' trip.
Station 19 - Poster
A group of women enjoy a party bus, as their exhausted driver takes a wrong turn; Andy and Ryan spend some time in bed before she heads to work.
Cobra Kai - Poster
Final song in the locker room.
Blockers - Poster
The girls talk about their experiences with the boys.
Lucifer - Poster
Chloe and Lucifer stop by the jewelry store that Fahrid may have robbed, Chloe introduces Lucifer as her fiance and announces they shopping for a ring.
Finding Carter - Poster
Elizabeth comments to Carter on how they keep missing each other, then asks why she's staying out so late and if she's spending time with Lori; Carter confesses that Jared is her boyfriend.
Finding Carter - Poster
Lori is found not guilty, then gives the press a statement; the Wilson struggle to reach Carter; Carter tries to get Ben's attention outside the courthouse.
The DUFF - Poster
Bianca walks home upset after her date with Toby goes bad. She spots Wes and Madison making out at her secret spot.
The Lying Game - Poster
Jordan finds Mads sitting alone in the courtyard and tries to explain things to him; Laurel tells Mads about Thayer & Emma's plan.
Arrow - Poster
Oliver confronts Thea about the lack of a family Christmas party; Thea introduces Oliver to Shane.
Community - Poster
First Song played During The Impressionists Party.
The Lying Game - Poster
Dan tells Theresa about the deal he made with Alec, then they kiss.
The Lying Game - Poster
Emma rants to Mads about how Ethan is acting, then Mads makes her pull over & switch places.
Being Human - Poster
Sally & Josh talk about what you'll do for those you love; Josh tells the twins to tell Nora that the police have been taken care of; Josh tells Cecelia where to find the twins; Bishop informs Aidan his actions will haunt him forever.
The Lying Game - Poster
Sutton & Ethan talk about opening up to people, the Sutton tells Ethan she loves him & they kiss.
The Lying Game - Poster
Rebecca & Alec talk about getting to know each other better.
Ringer - Poster
Victor shows a waitress pictures of John & Bridget.
The Lying Game - Poster
Alec takes first dance with Sutton, then Ted and later Mads & Char cut in; Thayer confronts his dad about spying on him.
The Lying Game - Poster
Mads gets a call from Thayer then ends up passing the phone to Emma.
Life Unexpected - Poster
Lux tries to asks Paige about her relationship with Eric.
Pretty Little Liars - Poster
Mr. Hastings, Melissa, Wren & Spencer play High/Low at dinnner.
Greek - Poster
Evan & Rebecca dance while talking about fairy tales.
The Hills - Poster
Heidi & Spencer wake up together.
The Hills - Poster
Lauren & Whitney work backstage at Fashion Week.