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Plan B (2021) Soundtrack

28 May 2021





Plan B, released on 28 May 2021, consists of a playlist of 56 credited songs, from various artists including Hot Chocolate, Kool Dadds and 808 Kills. The tracks from this movie were chosen by music supervisors Amanda Krieg Thomas and Anna Romanoff. They were also responsible for selecting the music from other movies such as The Prom. The original score is composed by Isabella Manfredi, and an official soundtrack was available to purchase or stream on the 28 May, consisting of 25 original tracks.

List of Songs

Every 1's a WinnerHot Chocolate
Abstinence RocksKool Dadds
Get Ready808 Kills
HollywoodThe Haunt
Fuck the Pain AwayPeaches
Put the Work InLG (TEAM GENIUS)
I'm YoursThe Carreras
Oh My GodIda Maria
Girls Just Want to Have FunCyndi Lauper
She's So HighTal Bachman
A Love That DiedRosie McClain
On GodKev Moses
Roll to MeJustin Currie
Heart of SinBennet Dean Lewis
Yesterday AgainBuck Watson
I Have Your Sweet LoveYvonne Devaney
Mark My WordsHolly Miranda
Never Ever EverFamily of the Year
BratThe Haunt
I Don't Wanna DieWaltzer
NaturalHello Forever
My StoryPeggy Wilson
Broken Hearts Forever AfterRosie McClain
Love VacationEye3
Critical DiseaseBad Machine
Absolutely (Story of a Girl)Lewis Brice
SunnyBobby Hebb
Smooth SailingThe Summer Breezes
Man! I Feel Like A Woman!Kuhoo Verma

Official Soundtrack OST

Plan B (Original Score) - Official Soundtrack

Plan B (Original Score)

25 songs • 2021-05-28
1.Friendship Funk
Isabella Manfredi
2.Hunter's Theme Dream
Isabella Manfredi
3.At The Lockers
Isabella Manfredi
4.The Punchbowl
Isabella Manfredi
5.The Hangover
Isabella Manfredi
6.The Condom
Isabella Manfredi
7.The Roadtrip, Pt. 1
Isabella Manfredi
8.The Roadtrip, Pt. 2
Isabella Manfredi
9.Enter The Playground
Isabella Manfredi
10.Dick Scene
Isabella Manfredi
11.The Getaway
Isabella Manfredi
12.Enter The Club, Pt. 1
Isabella Manfredi
13.Enter The Club - Extended
Isabella Manfredi
14.Enter The Club (Hunter)
Isabella Manfredi
15.Logan's Reveal
Isabella Manfredi
16.Hunter and Sunny Kiss
Isabella Manfredi
17.Where R U Xander
Isabella Manfredi
18.Xander's Meth Chase (Intro)
Isabella Manfredi
19.Xander's Meth Chase
Isabella Manfredi
20.Friendship Necklace
Isabella Manfredi
21.Planned Parenthood
Isabella Manfredi
22.Rosie's Theme
Isabella Manfredi
23.Nice Pin
Isabella Manfredi
24.Rosie's Theme, Pt. 2
Isabella Manfredi
25.Taking The Pill
Isabella Manfredi

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