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It's a Wonderful Binge Soundtrack [2022]

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Chip Chesters Theme

Chip Chester


On stage, the band members are singing while dressed as various animals.

Christmas Celebration

US Army Field Band


A young girl gets pushed into a cake by the singer, while another youngster is pushed into a Christmas tree.


Together, the four singers perform a Christmas carol while dressed for the season.

Allemande - Cello Suite No 1 in G Minor MWV 1007

Johann Sebastian Bach


Mr. Martin notices a humorous ice guy as he uses the scroll for making.

Silent Night

Christmas Carols


Keegan and Hags are sharing the indoor hot tub.

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

Rosie McClain


The onlookers see Santa Claus (Criss) attempting to enter the house through the chimney while perched on top of the building.

Joy To The World, The Binge Has Come

Artist Yet Unknown


Hags is being electrified by the vest on the chair as Sarah opens her advent calendar and takes a small bottle of wine.

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

MYC Korea


The girl says that she is allergic to nuts when Mayor Spengler offers her candy and encourages her to cast a ballot at the Nutcracker Station.

Carol of the Bells - Instrumental



Another police car is following them to intercept them as Kimmi and Sarah are inside the police car with Criss, who is pretending to be Santa.

Ode to Joy- Symphony No.9 in D Minor 'choral' - Lorne Balfe

Ode to Joy- Symphony No.9 in D Minor 'choral'

Lorne Balfe

1h 14m

The police station's drug room is where Delray Donna is concealed.

Worst/Best Christmas Ever


1h 16m

Hags and the others are singing this song when they are actually in jail because they are animated cartoons.

Carol of the Bells - Sauniks

Carol of the Bells


1h 21m

Everyone is intoxicated at the Winter Wonderland celebration, and Mayor Spengler suffers a nervous breakdown.

Keep Your Hands Up for Christmas

Bad Machine

1h 34m

This is the song at end-credits.

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