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19 Dec 2013

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6 Dec 2013

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  • Supergrlkt
    9 replies
    I desperately need to know the song that is mixed with I got your number... In scene Irving is talking about his love for Sydney.
  • Salman_Shaikh
    5 replies
    Can anybody tell me the song being played when Tellegio first appears in the movie? I'm talking about the song that can be heard barely being played in the background. It starts at about 1hr 17 mins into the movie and continues to play till about 1hr 20mins. Just before White Rabbit starts playing.
  • reichler
    2 replies
    Does anyone know the song playing during the title menu (sounds like late Beatles)?
  • Katarina
    0 replies
    Thank you for your hard work!
  • Wolfgang
    1 reply
    Cut scene "Carmine sings". what song?
  • Kenneth_Morrow
    4 replies
    What is theistic playing during the final credits. Sounds like guitarist Hank. B Marvin from the Shadows .
  • Jai_Mehta
    1 reply
    What song/music is playing in background when mayor is showing the casino artwork his son painted?
  • Saleem_Frazer
    0 replies
    ALright so this has been driving me nuts as no one seem to know what the song is. Can anyone tell me what's the track that play during them bribing all of the different congressmen on camera in the room sitting down? I believe it's shown as a montage of them bribing each one. If so, a million thank you's go out to you.
  • Amin_Sameti
    0 replies
    The muffled song during the Tellegio meeting, between Santana's Evil Ways and Mayssa Karaa's White Rabbit?