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Almost Famous (2000) Soundtrack

15 Sep 2000





Almost Famous, released on 15 Sep 2000, consists of a playlist of 70 credited songs, from various artists including The Chipmunks, Brenton Wood and Simon and Garfunkel. The original score is composed by Nancy Wilson.

List of Songs

The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)The Chipmunks
The Oogum Boogum SongBrenton Wood
AmericaSimon and Garfunkel
SparksThe Who
Search and DestroyThe Stooges
It Wouldn't Have Made Any DifferenceTodd Rundgren
ParanoidBlack Sabbath
TeacherJethro Tull
I've Seen All Good People: a. Your Move, b. All Good People - 2008 RemasterYes
Feel FlowsThe Beach Boys
RiverJoni Mitchell
Fever DogStillwater
Sweet LeafBlack Sabbath
Mr. FarmerThe Seeds
Every Picture Tells A StoryRod Stewart
Small Time BluesPete Droge
Something in the AirThunderclap Newman
Easy to SlipLittle Feat
Go All The WayThe Raspberries
One Way OutThe Allman Brothers Band
Albert FlasherThe Guess Who
Simple ManLynyrd Skynrd
Hour of NeedStillwater
That's The WayLed Zeppelin
Love ThingStillwater
Everybody Knows This Is NowhereNeil Young
Future GamesFleetwood Mac
BurnDeep Purple
Dear JillBlodwyn Pig
Tiny DancerElton John
Looking At YouMC5
Reelin' In The YearsSteely Dan
Lucky TrumbleNancy Wilson
I'm Waiting for the ManDavid Bowie
Love Comes and GoesStillwater
You Had To Be ThereStillwater
The WindCat Stevens
Voodoo Child (Slight Return)The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Slip AwayClarence Carter
Misty Mountain HopLed Zeppelin
Wishing WellFree
The Cover of 'Rolling Stone'Dr. Hook and The Medicine Show
Mona Lisas and Mad HattersElton John
My Cherie AmourStevie Wonder
Peggy SueBuddy Holly
Cortez the KillerNeil Young
The Rain SongLed Zeppelin
Bron-Y-AurLed Zeppelin
TangerineLed Zeppelin
Chance Upon YouStillwater

Official Soundtrack OST

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guest2 years ago
At the end of the movie when Russell walk into William’s room. There’s an instrumental version of Tiny Dancer. Is that version available?
dan becker4 years ago
At the 25 min mark as William is entering backstage for the first time with the band, a song is playing in the background that starts out "Take this".. and then, I think, "to the corner of your mind". WHAT is the name of the song and singer? Please.
patrick siwierka5 years ago
Is the film version of zuma by Neil young available for download. I love the harmonica version they play when they get off the plane after almost crashing
leonardo_de mattei6 years ago
What's that song when Polexia appears on the Hyatt's hall, between "Every Picture Tells A Story" and "Small Time Blues"?
nunzio16 years ago
What is the name and band that is playing the final song as the closing credits come on at the end of Almost Famous?
kristi_larsen6 years ago
What song was playing in the background when William's mother was sitting at his graduation that he did not show up at?
ms.pennylane10 years ago
do you have any idea what song is playing when Penny is taking off in the plane and William is running down the hallway? been trying to find out for years. oh one more thing....the play buttons on the list aren't working. did you upload the clips? null

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