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12 Sep 2000

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Almost Famous (Music from the Motion Picture)
17 songs
1 Jan 2000

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      ms.pennylane0 points ago
      do you have any idea what song is playing when Penny is taking off in the plane and William is running down the hallway? been trying to find out for years. oh one more thing....the play buttons on the list aren't working. did you upload the clips? null
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      Kristi_Larsen0 points ago
      What song was playing in the background when William's mother was sitting at his graduation that he did not show up at?
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      Nunzio10 points ago
      What is the name and band that is playing the final song as the closing credits come on at the end of Almost Famous?
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      Leonardo_De Mattei0 points ago
      What's that song when Polexia appears on the Hyatt's hall, between "Every Picture Tells A Story" and "Small Time Blues"?
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      Patrick Siwierka0 points ago
      Is the film version of zuma by Neil young available for download. I love the harmonica version they play when they get off the plane after almost crashing
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      Dan Becker0 points ago
      At the 25 min mark as William is entering backstage for the first time with the band, a song is playing in the background that starts out "Take this".. and then, I think, "to the corner of your mind". WHAT is the name of the song and singer? Please.
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