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The Lego Movie (2014) Soundtrack

6 Feb 2014





The Lego Movie, released on 6 Feb 2014, consists of a playlist of 54 credited songs, from various artists including Brite Futures, Jo Li and John Williams. The original score is composed by Mark Mothersbaugh.

List of Songs

Jag In a JungleBrite Futures
Everything Is AWESOME!!!Jo Li
Main Title / Rebel Blockade RunnerJohn Williams
War CryFederale
Everything Is Awesome (Saloon Version)Peter Alexander Zachos
Get Ready for This2 Unlimited
Everything Is AWESOME!!! (feat. The Lonely Island)Tegan and Sara & The Lonely Island
Untitled Self PortraitWill Arnett
Everything Is AWESOME!!!Shawn Patterson & Sammy Allen
How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On the Farm? (From "Me And My Gal")Judy Garland & Gene Kelly
Feel This Moment (feat. Christina Aguilera)Pitbull
Wake Me Up (Addicted To Bass Winter 2013 Edit) [feat. Aloe Blacc]Avicii

Official Soundtrack OST

No soundtracks are currently available for this title.

Trailer Songs

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skye_brand6 years ago
Quite close to the end, when the duplo UFO hovers over the lego world some music starts playing...what is it? It's the start of a really irritating song & I can't get it out of my damn head!!!! I need to know what it is!

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