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In Your Eyes (2014) Soundtrack

20 Apr 2014





In Your Eyes, released on 20 Apr 2014, consists of a playlist of 36 credited songs, from various artists including Tony Morales, Andrew Johnston and Ray Beadle. The original score is composed by Tony Morales.

List of Songs

AcousticTony Morales
Go Get Another DreamAndrew Johnston
TemptationRay Beadle
HighJim Mize
Jazzy BMike Stobbie
Resurrection FernIron & Wine
Flowers In Your HairThe Lumineers
The Riot's GoneSantigold vs. Switch and FreQ Nasty
In the DarkOpus Orange
Lay It On the LineMatt Andersen
Time of YearOpus Orange
SurfaceOpus Orange
Glad I Found YouEddie Ray
Crumblin'Noah Maffit
Trouble I'm InTwinbed
Concerto in D Minor for Two ViolinsJohann Sebastian Bach
Fired UpMatt Andersen
She Comes DownMatt Andersen
Stand In the WaterWildlife
Now That You're GoneJoel Evans & Friends
Afternoon in the CongoPeter Blair Quintet
Good News BluesDoug Jerebine
I WeepB. B. Brown

Official Soundtrack OST

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Trailer Songs

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sijavi97522 years ago
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liv5165 years ago
Guys, how come the song Crumblin' doesn't exist?? It is really great, and I can't find it, it's just nowhere. Please, help!
narin_mankoe5 years ago
Hello, Can somebody tell me where I can find this song: Crumblin' -- Noah Maffit Becky tells Dylan to turn this song up. They sing to it together. I can not find it anywhere.
jocelyn_gã³mez c5 years ago
Hey I've been looking like crazy for the song Trouble i'm in, is it really a band named Twinbed who sings it? Cuz i really cant find it anywhere :(

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