Johann Sebastian Bach - List of Songs

Has 99 songs in the following movies and television shows

Eternals - Poster
Inside of the Domo, the Eternals and Karun find Makkari reading amongst her horde of collected items inside of Phastos laboratory, she asks them if their ready to return home.
Eternals - Poster
(Arranged and Performed by Dory Bavarsky) Phastos works on a creative way to connect all the Eternals together; Kingo explains the revelations that the he and the others come to know to Makkari; Druig swaps Twinkies for the emerald tablet Ikaris has.
Black Lightning - Poster
Jefferson visits Henderson grave, while doing so he converses with his dead father on whether the world truly needs his help or that of Black Lightning; Jefferson spots two police officers harassing a teen boy and takes is anger and frustration out on them with his powers.
Doom Patrol - Poster
Cliff encounters his childhood imaginary friend from Bible camp, Imaginary Jesus Christ, who tackles him down then kicks him through a clown mouth ride at the town fair.
Downsizing - Poster
Opening scene as Dr. Asbjørnsen is working on the “downsizing” serum. He injects the serum on a lab rat specimen.
Flatliners - Poster
Marlo remembers performing a piece of music on the cello during her flat-line.
The LEGO Batman Movie - Poster
The Joker meets the occupants of the Phantom Zone.
Beyond - Poster
Holden comments on the 'scenery' at church, then asks Luke about the identity of one of the parishioners.
Grey's Anatomy - Poster
Gail plays the violin as complications arise in John Doe's surgery.
Motive - Poster
Betty asks Vega what's wrong, then he confesses that Internal Affairs talked to him.
Shadowhunters - Poster
Magnus phones Alec and suggests they go out for a drink, just as Alec realizes Clary skipped out on him.
Zoolander 2 - Poster
Derek and Hansel are put on the runway in "Old" and "Lame" outfits.
Childhood's End - Poster
Milo meets Rachel at the Boyce Institute party, then she tells him about the Kokoro symbol; Dr. Boyce introduces himself to Jake and his family; Jake mentions New Athens to a pair of partiers.
Scream Queens - Poster
The girls carve pumpkins for Chaneloween; Zayday announces that she intends to run for Kappa Kappa Tau president.
The Originals - Poster
The begging of the episode Elijah and Klaus are reading in the living room
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones - Poster
Classical music playing when Clary walks into her apartment to find her mum sleeping on the couch.
Elysium - Poster
Classical music as we see Delacourt greeting citizens on Elysium.
August Rush - Poster
Eleven years earlier. Lyla is playing the Cello in the orchestra.
The Life Aquatic - Poster
Jane and Ned in the hot tub
The Life Aquatic - Poster
Zissou asks Jane not to include the pirate attack in her article, as she prepares to leave
Spider-Man 2 - Poster
Plays in the background of MJ's play.
Alias - Poster
Syd and Marshall at the symphony in London.
The Boondock Saints - Poster
Agent Smecker is fingerprinting the pinkie finger he's found in the bushes at the mafioso's house.
Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Poster
Marcie plays the song on her flute.
After Hours - Poster
Paul walks out of work after one of his co workers rambles on about his dreams.