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22 Jan 2013





Very Good Girls, released on 22 Jan 2013, consists of a playlist of 26 credited songs, from various artists including Jenny Lewis, God-des & She and Rilo Kiley. The original score is composed by Jenny Lewis.

List of Songs

You Are What You LoveJenny Lewis
Rescue MeGod-des & She
Go AheadRilo Kiley
Lost In the LightBahamas
Common SenseRip Masters
Razor BurnElizabeth Olsen
Church AvenueJohn M. Davis
Deep Sea WadingThe Naked Stills
Moaning LisaSmoking Robotic
First Love Never DieSoko
Just MeThe Planets
Peace SignsSharon Van Etten
Church Avenue, Pt. 2John M. Davis
Oh AtlantaLittle Feat
Look At Miss OhioGillian Welch
Go AheadElizabeth Olsen
Goldberg Variations, BMV 988John M. Davis
FlyJ.K. & Co.
Razor BurnJenny Lewis

Official Soundtrack OST

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Trailer Songs

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guest2 years ago
What's the song playing when lily tells her dad she slept with someone n then goes to get her last check? AND what's the song that starts after lily finally tells gerry she was seeing David??
débora diniz4 years ago
Please, what's the song played when David shows his place to Lilly?
allie ciano5 years ago
What song came on when Lilly was walking off of the tour boat?
daena5 years ago
What song plays as Lilly just sits there after having seen her dad kissing another woman?
evan_hondros5 years ago
What song plays while the guy gets off his bike and dances
lovemusic5 years ago
Can someone tell me the name of the song that plays when David shows up at Lily's house and takes her to his apartment?
arely_rojas5 years ago
Anyone knows the name of this song? he's got you where he wants to and he'll have you when he wants to but you want too ... when she loses virginty ?? :(:(:( can't find it
creepycattt5 years ago
please what is the song when lilly loses her virginity to David???? somebody know?
eva5 years ago
what is the song that plays when she loses her virginity to David?

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