Sharon Van Etten - List of Songs

Has 52 songs in the following movies and television shows

Feels Good Man - Poster
Pepe waves goodbye to his friends and swims towards the sunset. End credits.
Emergence - Poster
Helen tells someone on the phone that she's leaving for Long Island.
iZombie - Poster
Ten Years Later - Ravi, Petyon, Clive, Major and Liv chat after the America the Virtual interview.
Another Life - Poster
Flashback to Niko saying goodbye to Erik and Jana.
Twin Peaks (1990) - Poster
Performed at The Bang Bang Bar; end credits.
The OA - Poster
Homer asks Rachel what the song for her brother sounds like; Rachel turns her back and starts to sing; Prairie pours Hap a cup of coffee.
Beauty And The Beast - Poster
Vincent joins Cat on the rooftop and assures her everything will be okay, then they talk about saying goodbye and Braxton's plan.
Orange is the New Black - Poster
Nicky gets drugs from a guard; Taystee gives Caputo papers to sign for Nicky's transfer; Credits.
The Fundamentals of Caring - Poster
Dot leaves Trevor and Ben so she can travel the to Denver with her father.
Rectify - Poster
Final song as Jared watches Dazed and Confused with Daniel.
The Secret Circle - Poster
Jake kisses Faye; Grant asks Diana if she's sure about leaving.
Lost Girl - Poster
Bo looks at herself in teh mirror and sees her eyes glow. </article>
Being Human - Poster
Josh invites Julia back to his place & then end up discussing what happened between her & Aidan; Sally tries to ignore Scott by watching tv.
Ringer - Poster
Bridget leaves the hotel as the police arrive; Malcolm calls Victor to says he wants to press charges against Bodaway; Bridget leaves Malcolm a message about Tyler's murder.
Grey's Anatomy - Poster
Owen tells Avery that he figured out why he dropped out of The Chief's trial; Teddy tells Henry she's going to Germany with Andrew, then Henry asks for a divorce; Lexie watches as Mark heads home with Arizona, Callie & baby Sofia; Avery tells Lexie he's out of the running for Chief Resident; Meredith picks up Zola; Cristina tells Alex that Meredith will likely get Chief Resident, then he tells Owen that Meredith messed with Derek's trial.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Chase apologizes to Alex for the way he treated her; Mia complains to Haley for her choosing Alex for bartender duties; Brooke arrives home to find Julian setting up Oktoberfest & a Bond marathon.