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9 Oct 2014

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The Judge (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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7 Oct 2014

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  • The Judge (2014) Official Trailer #1


    • Fillbee
      5 replies
      There was a slow song playing in the background midway through the movie when they were showing a home movie of the mum (judge's wife) playing with her boys. I dont recognise it on any of the songs listed.
    • Denise_Wilkins
      3 replies
      Does anyone know what song is playing in the near last scene when Hank goes into the court and spins the chair??
    • Natooth
      0 replies
      Does anyone know what song is played when the adverse lawyer (just before Hank) is questioning the judge in court ? I can't find it ! Thanks for your help
    • GogoHemmo2412
      0 replies
      Does anyone know the song from the trailer? Thanks for your help
    • jfmalone
      3 replies
      what was the song sung during the closing credits?