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22 Oct 2014





John Wick, released on 22 Oct 2014, consists of a playlist of 14 credited songs, from various artists including T-Bo, T-Bo and David Bawiec and Vadim Suslov. The original score is composed by Tyler Bates, and an official soundtrack was available to purchase or stream on the 1 January, consisting of 27 original tracks.

List of Songs

Get Money (feat. Bengie B)T-Bo
Hunid One'sT-Bo
Russian LullabyDavid Bawiec and Vadim Suslov
Killing StrangersMarilyn Manson & Tyler Bates
Evil Man BluesThe Candy Shop Boys
In My MindM86 & Susie Q
LED SpiralsLe Castle Vania
Who You Talkin' To Man?Ciscandra Nostalghia, Tyler Bates & Joel J. Richard
Have Love Will TravelThe Sonics
Brain Reaction (feat. Redman & Lettuce)Break Science
The Red CircleLe Castle Vania
The DrowningLe Castle Vania
Shots FiredLe Castle Vania

Official Soundtrack OST

John Wick (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Official Soundtrack

John Wick (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

27 songs • 2014-01-01
1.Every Ending Has A Beginning
Tyler Bates
2.Story Of Wick
Tyler Bates
3.John Mourns
Tyler Bates
Tyler Bates
5.Dear John
Tyler Bates
Tyler Bates
7.Evil Man Blues
The Candy Shop Boys
8.The Red Circle
Le Castle Vania
9.Lure The Wolf
Tyler Bates
10.Iosef The Terrible
Tyler Bates
11.Chop Shop
Tyler Bates
12.Baba Yaga
Tyler Bates
13.On The Hunt
Tyler Bates
14.In My Mind
15.The Drowning
Le Castle Vania
17.LED Spirals
Le Castle Vania
18.Shots Fired
Le Castle Vania
19.Old Friend Marcus
Tyler Bates
20.Hotel Throw Down
Tyler Bates
21.Warehouse Smack Down
Tyler Bates
22.Who You Talkin' To Man?
23.Membership Revoked
Tyler Bates
24.Unfortunate Priest
Tyler Bates
25.Dock Shootout
Tyler Bates
26.No More Guns
Tyler Bates
27.Be Seeing You
Tyler Bates

Trailer Songs

Currently no trailer songs have been added for this movie. Please add any songs heard in trailers, featurettes or promos here.


guest2 years ago
In the original JW movie-what is the song by the woman in a red dress singing in the Continental bar/lounge. John going to meet Winston looking for Russians son.
guest2 years ago
What is the name of that bugeyman song sang by russian father
guest3 years ago
What female artist sing during the credits
diamond burch5 years ago
Do anybody know the name of the song that plays on the menu of John wick on the DVD can u please tell me I just love that song
joshua bury5 years ago
What is the song that is playing when John gets off the bus and is walking into Aurelio's car shop? Song plays at 17:10 in the movie. Thanks
onewaone5 years ago
What's the background song when John interrogating Victor?
martha mansfield5 years ago
how long is the song Think by Kaleida
thadan_hmuu5 years ago
When john wick enters into the church, there's the melody playing i think it' s being played from the church, the title name of that melody please?
ashely_evans5 years ago
What's the name of the song that's playing when John is killing the son in the spa pool
guest5 years ago
Who sang the song at the end of that movie?
hassan_khan5 years ago
Anyone know the soundtrack in the movie when John Wick runs after the Russian's son and end up in the club.. with a house music..?
james_neal5 years ago
What song is playing towards the end when Dafoe's character is killed?
russell_tukavkin5 years ago
Does anyone know the song when old mate enters the main d floor in his towel
arkadiusz_maczkowiak5 years ago
Does anyone know the song from BMW ???
ignas_mickus5 years ago
John Wick Soundtrack - Kaleida -Think
malcolm_washington5 years ago
does anyone know the name of the lounge music that plays when john first enters the Continental hotel? the melody is so chill

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