Simon and Garfunkel - List of Songs

Has 15 songs in the following movies and television shows

One Tree Hill - Poster
Haley comtemplates jumping into the pool as Jamie tries to get her attention; Quinn burries something in the forest; Brooke & Julian watch his movie; Miranda leaves while Grubbs is sleeping.
(500) Days of Summer - Poster
Tom is thinking back to his memories of Summer, that were signs that she may not be in love with him or may not want to be with him.
Life On Mars - Poster
Annie prepares to go undercover; Sam & Annie talk; Annie finds a wig collection.
Watchmen - Poster
During the Comedians funeral.
Life On Mars - Poster
Windy puts on an 8-track & invites Sam to dance.
The Holiday - Poster
Miles sings another score while holding the DVD. This time to The Graduate.
Garden State - Poster
When they leave Alberts boat/house and yell from the yellow crane
Old School - Poster
Frank falls in the pool after being shot by a tranquilizer
American Pie 2 - Poster
Finch leaves with Stiflers mum
Almost Famous - Poster
Anita (Deschanel) plays this song for her mother to explain why she is leaving home.
American Pie - Poster
Finch tries to seduce Stiflers mum.
Girl, Interrupted - Poster
Opening scene, Susanna holding Lisa as she cries before the guards come
The Graduate - Poster
First song as Benjamin rides the escalator. He picks up his briefcase and leaves the airport. (0:38) Benjamin floats in the pool in the sun. He gets off and goes into the house. Another meeting with Mrs. Robinson. (1:44) Closing scenes. Benjamin and Elaine sit at the back of the bus. Continues into end credits.