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Rookie Blue Soundtrack [2010]

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Episode 2

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Season 1

Episode 2 • Mercury Retrograde

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Oliver & Dov go looking for a suspect.

And The Girls Go - Men Without Pants

And The Girls Go

Men Without Pants

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Jerry & Traci make out in a viewing room.

Scar That Never Heals - Jeremy Fisher

Scar That Never Heals

Jeremy Fisher

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Andy picks up her dry cleaning & end up chasing down a mugger.

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Andy packs up a suitcase, as Sam gives Emily money for a new life; Gail tells Chris she felt alone while making her first arrest; Dov complains to the other rookies about Gail stealing his arrest; Andy thanks Traci for lending her the car; Traci tells Jerry she 'cutting the no strings' rule about their relationship.

Silent Treatment - In-Flight Safety

Silent Treatment

In-Flight Safety

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Andy tells Sam she wasn't scared because she knew he was there for her, then she stops him from kissing her as Gail watches across the parking lot.


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