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Episode 3

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Episode 3 • Fite Nite

How You Like Me Now - The Heavy

How You Like Me Now

The Heavy

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Traci comes back & wins in round 2; Luke & Andy have a brief chat before she has to break up a fight between her father and another guy.</li>


J Rowley

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Chris prepares Traci for the fight.</li>

Compton To Scarboro (Stabcity Nights Remix)

The Carps

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Traci asks Dov about the bullets, then she confronts Jerry about the kid she chased; Andy gets a call from Melanie.</li>

Girl Police - The Dudes

Girl Police

The Dudes

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Traci & Chris arrive at Fite Nite & run into Oliver & Boyko then Mr. McNally.

Now A Daze - Shad

Now A Daze


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Chris helps Traci practice for the fight, as Dov comments on the previous winners.

Gold, Guns, Girls - Metric

Gold, Guns, Girls


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Traci & her opponent are introduced & the fight begins; Gail & Andy arrive at the fight; Traci is knocked down twice in the first round.

The Dynasty

Keys N Krates

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Traci heads into the ring with words of encouragement from several officers.</li>

Coast Is Clear - In-Flight Safety

Coast Is Clear

In-Flight Safety

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Traci & Andy share a drink on her front step, then Andy meets Luke at the bar as Sam looks on.

Crowd Surf Off A Cliff - Emily Haines

Crowd Surf Off A Cliff

Emily Haines

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Gail watches the fight after Andy leaves, then Chris brings her a drink & they talk about why they're officers.



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