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Insecure Soundtrack [2016]

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Episode 2

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Season 3

Episode 2 • Familiar-Like

Like a Hoe (feat. Doley Bernays, EMP DASME, & Junglepussy)


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Issa is trying to figure out what she should text to Daniel.

Move Too Fast (feat. Anna Wise)

Iman Omari

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Song that plays over the opening titles.

Coco Miyaki (feat. Sunny Moonshine)


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Issa makes a call to apply for a new job at the property management firm.

Pretty Ugly

Tierra Whack

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Daniel picks up a sandwich.

Run To Da $

Cam, China

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Montage song as Issa cleans the apartment.

You Can Tell.

Derrius Logan

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Khalil gets them in the club.

Hype Me Up

Cousin Stizz

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Daniel beatboxes.

Blamped (feat. AllBlack)

Drakeo the Ruler

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Song as the attractive girls walk up to Daniel.

Slip Away (feat. Amaru)

Ill Camille

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Issa tells Daniel to pay Spyder a visit.

Rubbin Off the Paint

YBN Nahmir

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Issa and Daniel walk up to Spyder's table.

It Gets Better (With Time)

The Internet

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Issa and Daniel grab some food after the club.

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Final song as Daniel shows Issa his songs. Plays into end credits.


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