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Insecure Soundtrack [2016]

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Season 1

Season 1 • Episodes

Popular songs from Season 1

Heart Crush BJ the Chicago Kid | Album Cover

Heart Crush

BJ the Chicago Kid


E8 • Broken as F**k

Just Sayin/I Tried The Internet | Album Cover
Jusfayu (feat. No Wyld) KAMAUU | Album Cover

Jusfayu (feat. No Wyld)


Hold On (feat. Sampha) SBTRKT | Album Cover

Hold On (feat. Sampha)


Flame (feat. Stush) Falcons | Album Cover

Flame (feat. Stush)


Recent Discussion

What is the song playing when the student tells Daniel he has a crush on Issa. It carry’s on into them walking outside

2 months ago

E4Thirsty as F***k

Please whats the song at the end of 3e4 ..during the cast!!

3 years ago

What is the song that say you fucked up,while they are sleeping? Who sings it?

3 years ago

Does anyone know the song that plays when Jared and Molly are having sex after she talks about running errands?

4 years ago

what is the song playing when molly is dancing in the club, season 1 episode 4

5 years ago

What is the transition song between Lawrence and Issa having a talk and them bringing out the couch?

5 years ago

Last episode of Season 1 killed it. So emotional and real. I know I've certainly been there. Excellent music choices too.

7 years ago

What's the instrumental just after the scene where Isaah and her colleague come up with Beach Clean Up day?

7 years ago

Hi, I would like to know what song is in the 4th episode, when Molly dansing with Chris ! Can you tell me ? thank you

7 years ago

What is the song that's playing when Issa and Lawrence bring the couch to the curb?

7 years ago

Does any one know the name of the song that is playing at the very beginning of this episode as issa ties her hair right before Lawrence cuts off the lights?

7 years ago

Weather Any Storm by Mocky played in the flashback scene with Issa and Lawrence on the Racist As F** episode.

7 years ago

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