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Recent Discussion

Seriously, the best tracks on this episode are the electronic ones in the Virtual game and none of them are listed on here. WTF?

4 years ago

Does anyone know the ambient song playing when Ashley and her aunt start eating together in the garden?

4 years ago

What's the name of the techno song used for the first VR sex scene. Can't seem to find that one yet?? Thankx in advance ✌️

4 years ago

Honestly sounded like a Lorenzo Senni track

4 years ago

Another site, filmmusicreporter, stated that Rival Consoles is in charge of the score. Maybe the song you are looking for is from him

4 years ago

The piece is: Rival Consoles - I Love You (Striking Vipers OST). Fab.

4 years ago

Missing a song See me dancing of the stage that I built

4 years ago

What are the following two songs? https://youtu.be/SfFwGEQWz4o

4 years ago

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