Quincy Jones - List of Songs

Has 23 songs in the following movies and television shows

9-1-1 - Poster
Bobby and David go through the dumper of Mr. Too-Much-Trash while Michael watches him from his window.
Mindhunter - Poster
Holden and Bill are chatting in a lounge and Jim walks in to inform them Wayne Williams is planning to escape to South America, Bill even refers to Williams as Quincy Jones.
Black Mirror - Poster
Karl pulls up outside Danny's house.
Hancock - Poster
Hancock shoves a man's head up another man's behind.
Scrubs - Poster
Turk enjoys doing what he wants while Carla is preoccupied with her condition.
Kill Bill, Vol. 2 - Poster
The Bride sees Budd and Elle outside the trailer
Kill Bill, Vol. 1 - Poster
When 'Copperhead' opens the door and sees Beatrix. (1:13) Beatrix sees Sofie in the restroom.
Austin Powers in Goldmember - Poster
Theme song. Austin dances through a film set
Ocean's Eleven - Poster
Rusty goes to meet Saul at the race track.
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me - Poster
Theme music. Austin dances through the hotel naked
Friends - Poster
Joey shields Ross from the 'gunshot'.
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery - Poster
Theme music is playing. Austin wakes up and dances through London