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Episode 2

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Episode 2 • Show and Prove

Don't Pull Your Love

Joe Frank & Reynolds Hamilton

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(Opening scene) Song playing on the jukebox in the bar as the Officer Flanagan & his partner talk with 2 other customers about baseball.

Your Love Was Strange - The Dramatics

Your Love Was Strange

The Dramatics

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Candy & ThunderThighs walk into & up to Frankie's bar.

Born to Wander

Rare Earth

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Bobby comes into the bar with a couple of his friends and talks with Vincent over the bar about Tommy Longo.

Remember Me

The Souls

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Vincent talks over the bar to Tommy Longo.

Steal Away

Johnnie Taylor

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Diner scene; Larry propositions Candy to be her pimp.

Peepin' (Through the Window)

Lee Williams & The Cymbals

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Diner scene; 2nd song Plays as Candy says yes to substituting in the "blue" movie; Darlene tells Larry about the movie of her Fat Mooney is selling.

From the Rooter to the Tooter

The Triplett Twins

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Music coming from passing car as Abby is walking on the street.

Lizard Rock 'n' Roll Band


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Abby arrives in Marcy's pad.

Rock & Roll - The Velvet Underground

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Abby sitting on the bed in Marcy's apartment when she picks up a newspaper & a pen.

Haunted (LP Version)

Dusty Springfield

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Song in Penny Lane when Rudy & Vincent head inside to check it out.

Lovers Who Wander


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Vincent & Frankie talk over the bar about Vincent's opportunity with Rudy and who mom liked best.

I Don't Wanna Go

The Manhattans

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Lori aka Ruby picks up a john as CC watches from across the street.

Don't Let Your Love Fade Away

Gene Williams

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Plays as Darlene is sitting in bar & is approached by a woman who offers to buy her a drink when Larry steps in & puts her back on the street & he tells the woman to stay away from his girls

Assume the Position

Lafayette Gilchrist

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Song during the end credits

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Ashley's photo shoot.


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