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Episode 1

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Season 1

Episode 1 • AKA Ladies Night

Jessica Jones Main Title

Sean Callery


Opening credits.

Then There's the Matter of You

Sean Callery


Jessica follows a married woman having an affair, then ends up shoving her client through door's window when he doesn't take the news well.

Fire Escape Night Shift

Sean Callery


Jessica jumps up onto a fire escape and observes the apartments across the street, before shifting her attention to Luke's Bar.

Alias Investigations

Sean Callery


Jessica heads to Hope Shlottman's friend's apartment and breaks in, only to find the occupants are home.

Gotta Have Ya

Timna Perez


Jessica stands on the street across from a club and watches as Gregory Spheeris jumps in his Aston Martin and zooms off.


When Gregory Spheeris proves less than cooperative, Jessica lifts the back of his Aston Martin into the air to prevent him from leaving, then hands him a court summons.

I've Got a Woman

Ray Charles


Jessica contemplates her fire escape perch, then walks around Luke's bar while looking in the windows; Luke tells Jessica that it's 'Ladies Night' and she finally heads inside.

There's a Blessing

Johnny Copeland


Luke tells Jessica it's last call, then comments on her alcohol consumption; Jessica reveals she's a PI, then lists off what she's noticed about him.

Sleepover at Luke's

Sean Callery


Jessica sees Reva's photo in Luke's medicine cabinet, gets dressed and leaves; Jessica down the street, before pausing to throw up on the sidewalk.

Restaurant Flashback

Sean Callery


Jessica walks through Niku and remembers having dinner there with Kilgrave, when the restaurant was called Il Rosso.

Rescuing Hope from the Hotel Bed

Sean Callery


On her way out of town, Jessica changes her mind and asks the taxi driver to take her to the hotel; Jessica pulls the fire alarm, then heads for the room where Kilgrave kept her.

Elevator Massacre

Sean Callery


Jessica sees Hope pull out a gun just as the elevator doors close, then rushes down the stairs to find Mr. and Mrs. Shlottman dead and Hope still pulling the trigger on the gun; Jessica stumbles out to her taxi, then decides to stay and fight.

Thousand Eyes

Of Monsters and Men

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'It's Time' teaser; Official trailer.

Lovin' You

Minnie Riperton

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'Good Morning' teaser.

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'Nightcap' teaser.

The Day Is My Enemy (LH Edit)

The Prodigy

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Official trailer 2

Jessica Jones Main Title

Sean Callery

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