The Prodigy - List of Songs

Has 48 songs in the following movies and television shows

Another Life - Poster
Niko calls for William as she runs from an axe-wielding Sasha.
Fist Fight - Poster
Andy knocks out Strickland and celebrates his victory.
Class - Poster
Miss Quill informs Charlie that she is no longer his slave.
Lucifer - Poster
As Chloe goes to check on Cutter, Lucifer chases after Remmy.
Teen Wolf - Poster
Scott running through the woods on his way to Allison
Real Steel - Poster
Noisy Boy's intro before the fight against Midas.
Hall Pass - Poster
Fred sits between the two girls as they talk about UFO's.
Kick-Ass - Poster
Start of the movie. First song. Dave walks into school.
Kick-Ass - Poster
Kick-Ass fights off the three gangsters while being videotaped outside the coffee store.
Hooked on the Game (Na igre) - Poster
Rita drives Vampire to the construction where the gamers play paintball
Chuck - Poster
Sarah vs Heather in the showers.
Smokin' Aces - Poster
The tremor brothers come out of the lift and start shooting at security.
The O.C. - Poster
Jess's drug deal with the Garden Grove guys goes down at the Bait Shop, & when they try to screw her over she pulls a gun & creates pandemonium by firing off a round or two inside.
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle - Poster
Song during the bike chase.
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle - Poster
Fight scene in the hull of the boat.
Scary Movie 2 - Poster
Parody of Charlies Angels as Cindy, Brenda and Theo beat up Hanson.
Charlie's Angels - Poster
Angels run after Thin Man and fight with him
Hackers - Poster
Dade encounters another hacker, "Acid Burn" while trying to hack into a TV station and they start battling for control.
Hackers - Poster
Played as the hackers head for Grand Central Station chased by the police.
Hackers - Poster
Played during the montage of Kate and Dade hassling Agent Gill.