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Narcos: Mexico Soundtrack [2018]

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Season 1

Season 1 • Episodes

Popular songs from Season 1

Mexican Nights David Snell | Album Cover

Mexican Nights

David Snell


E1 • Camelot

No Sé Ha Dado Cuenta

Roberto Jordan

Mamá Ven a Sentarte Aquí

Diego Verdaguer

Recent Discussion

For those of you trying to find the Samba played at the party scene. It was a custom version of the classic Brazilian song Mas Que Nada, you won't find the exact song, but Mas Que Nada by Jessy J is the closest I've found to the soundtrack on the episode. I hope that helps some of y'all looking for it

9 months ago

E3El Padrino

what is the name of the song towards the end of the camelot episode (Narcos Mexico S1 Ep1) in the ending were he talks about starting his empire there is a song the involves trumpets. Anyone know the name of it?

3 years ago

What is the name of instrumentak song when kiki finds pipelines??l

3 years ago

Has anyone found the wedding song yet

3 years ago

Name of the song minute 51 which is an acoustic guitar alone?

3 years ago

Name of the song playing in the club when rafa confronts Amado?

3 years ago

Me too

4 years ago

What is the title of the music at the credits?

4 years ago

What's the song approx 52 mins in just after kiki calls his office and it cuts to the party scene. It's literally driving me insane as no one seems to know what it's called and it's not on their OST?! Thanks

4 years ago

Mama ven a sentarte aquí “‘

4 years ago

whats that baground music name of miguel angel felix gallardo in all scene

5 years ago

one scene before the last scene, when felix sits in fornt of table, and make a call.. guitar is playing, wichi is that shong ?

5 years ago

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