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Episode 10

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Season 2

Episode 10 • A Very Coterie Christmas

Christmas for You and Me - Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors

Christmas for You and Me

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors


Christmas at the Coterie; Alice brings the group together to talk about the Claudette and the Coterie; Callie asks about Gael; Jamie asks for moment alone with Callie on the roof.

Marche - Juniore




(Flashback) Alice takes with Claudette about the Coterie.

Joy To The World

Nik Freitas


Alice talks to the group about Claudette; Jamie asks to speak to Callie; Jamie asks to speak to Callie on the roof top alone.

True Love - WILDES

True Love



Stef drops some things off at Davia's room then they begin to talk about Dennis and getting him professional help.

I Love This Time of Year - Devyn Rush

I Love This Time of Year

Devyn Rush


Carter tells Jude that he's coming out to his parents on Christmas day; Brandon tells Callie that Eliza is pregnant; Callie asks Jude where he and Carter where.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Urban Voices


The Christmas Festival begins at the Coterie; the Coterie roommate do different activities; Lena tells Stef about Carter and Jude when Jim and Diane arrive at the Coterie;

This Christmas (feat. Evan and Eris, Jaylon Ashaun & Jon Keith) - 116

This Christmas (feat. Evan and Eris, Jaylon Ashaun & Jon Keith)



Montage of the different events at the Coterie; Malika checks in on her father, then informs him that Dom is there, he gives her different from him for them.

What Child Is This - OYLS

What Child Is This



Joseph confesses to Malika that it was him who asked her mother to stop bring her and Dom to the prison to see him.

Jolly Old St. Nick

Nik Freitas


Dennis ways to a boy staring into his room as he reads; Brandon helps little girl decorate a cookie when Eliza joins him; Dennis brings Javi to the cookie decorating center.

Hurricane (feat. B. Jarod) - Prism Surf

Hurricane (feat. B. Jarod)

Prism Surf


Jim gives Jude a strange look as they help children to Santa Claus; Jude checks in on Carter they begin to have a open conversation then share a kiss after Jude says he loves Carter.

'Tis The Season

Los Lauren


Callie get Brandon text warning her that Callie knows she told him about the clerkship; Mariana hides in the Elf house and finds Evan there.

Deck The Halls

Olly Anna


Mariana shows Evan around the Festival when a goat breaks out; Alice comes across Jack and his Mike who ask for Claudia; Alice asks for Mariana and Callie's help.

Deck the Halls - Becky Archibald

Deck the Halls

Becky Archibald


Lex tells Diane and Stef about prison abolition when Mariana asks for Stef's help; Davia returns to the cookie making room with Javi's father.

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Street Voices Symphony


The Street Voices Symphony play at the Festival; Dennis watches Davia, Lena and Stef hold hangs; Jude ties his pinkie around Carters; Issac arrives to be with Malika; Raj finally texts Mariana back.

Waiting For A Miracle Man

Imperial Mammoth


(Flashback) Dennis gives Davia her Christmas gift.

Time Will Tell

Michael Logen


Lena tells Stef she has her blessing to go to Venezuela; Jamie gives Callie her Christmas gift along with a key to his apartment.

Sever - Hilary Woods


Grandpa Martinez awakens from his coma, he holds both Hugo and Jazmin's hangs then Hugo grabs Jazmin's.

Santa Bring My Baby Home

Michael VM


Alice announces that the Coterie has been saved.

Come with Me - Hans Erik

Come with Me

Hans Erik


Jesus finally calls the family and lets it slip that Callie left her clerkship which then reveals who told Moms and Jesus announcing his and Emma's engagement.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas



The Coterie, the Adams Foster, the Coterie guests, and Jesus and Emma sing together; Dennis flashback to his last Christmas with his son; Dennis lies in his bed.

By You - Heartstreets


Callie unpacks her things at Jamie's as she goes looks at her gift from Mariana; (Flashback) Mariana and Callie open their gifts; Callie finds the ring that Mariana told her about.

A Chinese Restaurant on Christmas - Jeremy & The Harlequins

A Chinese Restaurant on Christmas

Jeremy & The Harlequins

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