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For All Mankind Soundtrack [2019]

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At just before 20 minutes into Season 1 Episode 1 there is a song in the background at the bar I want to call Freight Train but I'd rather like to know what it's really called so I can get a copy.

7 months ago

“The World Song” was used perfectly. The placement was magnificent. All music this used during this episode particularly struck just the right note for me.

3 years ago

Absolutely perfect. The work that goes into every moment and every element of this series is amazing.

10 months ago

Como o nome da musica no final do 10 capitulo final da serie

4 years ago

There's another song... from the radio in the house. What is the name of that song?

4 years ago

The James Gang, "Funk #49:" this song from 1970 is playing on the radio in 1969. Von Braun apparently also invented time travel

5 years ago

Funk #49 was published on James Gang's debut studio album Yer' Album as track three in March 1969. Therefore the usage of this song on the radio in 1969 is historical correct.

4 months ago

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