Creedence Clearwater Revival - List of Songs

Has 106 songs in the following movies and television shows

Space Force - Poster
Montage of the team brainstorming how to reattach the solar panels to the satellite.
Space Force - Poster
Adrian drives out to the war games site to assist Mark.
American Horror Story - Poster
Bruce changes the song on the radio, then the hitchhiker asks about the banging noises coming from the trunk.
The Blacklist - Poster
Liz calls Cooper about her suspicions as she arrives at the prison; Red walks out of the prison disguised as the Warden; Red's ruse is discovered and the prison goes on alert.
Triple Frontier - Poster
They arrive in Brazil, driving through the mountains.
Riverdale - Poster
Archie heads out to check the trails; Reggie's truck is shot at while he's out on a beer run.
MacGyver - Poster
Gardez, Afghanistan - 2011 - Mac and Charlie drive out to work on an IED.
Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina - Poster
Mrs. Wardwell sings alone to the stereo as she drives home from the movie theatre and almost hits a girl walking down the road.
Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom - Poster
Claire tries to convince Owen at the bar to help her locate Blue.
MacGyver - Poster
Jack goes to the Area 51 morgue to collect the unconscious bad guys and takes a selfie with the Project Blue Book sign.
9-1-1 - Poster
Scene with the little girl who is stuck in the claw machine.
Legends Of Tomorrow - Poster
(Vietnam - 1967) Ray, Amaya and Zuri arrive at a POW camp to find more despair than hope; Under the guise of journalists Ray, Amaya, and Zuri interview Stevens about the disappearance of Alpha Team.
The Punisher - Poster
Billy uses his pilfered police radio to take out everyone in his path, as he heads out of the building and triggers an explosion.
MacGyver - Poster
Children go through the team's haunted house.
American Gods - Poster
As they drive down the road, Mr. Wednesday asks Shadow Moon about his interest in coin tricks, then explains why he doesn't want to travel on any highways.
Free Fire - Poster
The group are escorted through the abandoned factory for their meeting with Vernon and Martin.
Kong Skull Island - Poster
Marlow catches up on current events while the guys continue to work on the boat.
Kong Skull Island - Poster
The group journey down river; Packard and his men continue towards Chapman's location; Brooks cuts his hand in an attempt to open a can for San.
MacGyver - Poster
Jack and Mac track Deckard's car near Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Why Him? - Poster
Opening song where Ned is celebrating his 50th birthday at Applebees.
Lethal Weapon - Poster
Riggs tells Ethan to hide while he takes on Billy's guys; Murtaugh rids his new bike on the way to Riggs' trailer.
MacGyver - Poster
Mac and Jack chase down the Chen and the truck with the virus.
War Dogs - Poster
When David and Efraim escape the Triangle of Death in Fallujah.
Suicide Squad - Poster
Song that plays during Killer Croc's backstory.
Elvis & Nixon - Poster
Elvis and a group of girls sing along to the song on the radio as Jerry drives.
Moonwalkers - Poster
Kidman, Jonny and Leon watch the moon landing on TV.
Sleepy Hollow - Poster
Abbie & Ichabod do a karaoke duet.
Drift - Poster
JB looks through the telescope on top of his car. Song continues as they hunt for crayfish.
Supernatural - Poster
Benny works at a diner & says goodnight to Elizabeth.
Battleship - Poster
First song during end credits.
Parenthood - Poster
The new boss tours the warehouse.
The Expendables - Poster
After Lee (Stathom) leaves his girlfriends house. Plays in the tattoo shop as Tool (Rourke) rides in on his bike.
The Expendables - Poster
Song at end of movie at the tattoo shop. Knife throwing competition.
Tropic Thunder - Poster
Song when they are trekking through the jungle together.
Eli Stone - Poster
Eli has a musical vision during the staff meeting.
Supernatural - Poster
Sam, Dean & Richie look for Trotter at his bar.
Live Free or Die Hard - Poster
Comes on the radio in the car. Matt says its like 'having a pine cone shoved up his ass.' McClane turns it up. The song appears as end credits start.
Evan Almighty - Poster
Song when Evan and his Family leave buffalo and on their way to a new life.
Supernatural - Poster
Possessed truck driver on his way to the wrecked Impala.
Supernatural - Poster
Sam meets Meg again at the bus station.
Gilmore Girls - Poster
Jackson comes home to Sookie's dinner.
Alias - Poster
Sark and Sydney have a roadside chat before their commute to the office.
Blade - Poster
first appearance of Whistler
The Big Lebowski - Poster
Playing in the Dude's car after he gets it back, after leaving the Doctor's office.
The Big Lebowski - Poster
The Dude and Walter make the drop off. This song plays in the car. Walter jumps out of the car.
Forrest Gump - Poster
Forrest arrives in Vietnam by helicopter.
The Big Chill - Poster
Sam and Harold play this song while driving in the jeep