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Episode 7

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Season 2

Episode 7 • Deflectors

Body & Soul

Benny Goodman


In a simulation program set in New York City - September 2, 1945, Kelly and Cassius have a date together where they attempt to discuss a romantic excursion together which turns them into discuss their relationship and future together; (0:02) Kelly ends her relationship with Cassius siting their wants for different things in their future as the bases; (continues) Ed calls Kelly to the bridge as the ship approaches Moclus, Kelly leaves Cassius alone in the Environmental Simulator.

The Orville Main Title

Bruce Broughton


Main title.

Testing Deflectors

Andrew Cottee


The Orville tests out their new, upgraded deflectors by allowing Captain Rechik's ship to fire upon them; (continues) [0:12] Taking on gradual bombardment the Orville's screens begin to reduce causing the starboard emitter ray to loses power which causes the deflectors to fail; Locar attempts to convince John not to stop them combat testing between the ships; [0:13] The array resets because of Locar's upgrades powering the deflectors; Locar's upgrades are rousing success.

(There'll Be Blue Birds Over) The White Cliffs of Dover

Glenn Miller


In Kelly's Simulation of New York City 1945 in the Enviromental Simulator, Talla and Locar take a walk together through the simulation of the Earth city; (continues) [0:22] Talla explains the purpose of the simulation to Locar then as after spotting a dancing couple in a window she gives him a brief lesson on Human dancing; [0:23] Locar kisses Talla which turns into a more a more passionate kiss before Talla is called away by Kelly; Locar practices Human dancing when Klyden enters the simulation and confuses to knowing what he is; (repeats) [0:26] Talla watches the playback of Locar when the Simulator after his disappearance and finds the distorted image of someone else entering and speaking with Locar after she left the Simulator; (repeats) [0:46] Talla finds herself crying after her confrontation with Klyden; in their quarters, Klyden and Bortus find a silent rife has opening up between them again; Locar is sentence by a judge in Moclan Council court; After her tears have dried, Talla, gazes upon the red planet one last time then leaves.

Walking on Earth/File-Corrupted Figure

Andrew Cottee


In the New York City 1945 simulation, John and Isaac attempts to reveal the person masked in the distortion field by working on the under layers of the recording; (continues) [0:32] John and Isaac manage to reveal who killer is.

Talla Takes Control

Andrew Cottee


Talla and the her security search the Orville for Locar; (continues) Talla finds him hiding in a shuttle, she attempts to persuade him to take asylum.

The Orville End Titles

Bruce Broughton


End titles.


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Bruce Broughton, Andrew Cottee, John Debney & Joel McNeely

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