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The Orville Soundtrack [2017]

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Episode 8

Episode 8 • Identity (1)

The Orville Main Title - Bruce Broughton

The Orville Main Title

Bruce Broughton


Main title.

New World - John Debney

New World

John Debney


After a brief commandeering of the ship's system and scan of it, the Orville is sent a set of landing coordinates to land on Kaylon; (continues) [0:11] the Orville soars through Kaylon massive skyscrapers and dock beside an enormous skyscraper; Instead, they briefly commandeer the ship's systems and scan it, then deliver a set of landing coordinates on the planet; [0:12] the Kaylon instructs Ed, Talla, Kelly and Claire to exit the ship with Isaac's body.

Reactivating Isaac - John Debney

Reactivating Isaac

John Debney


After being convince by Claire, the Kaylon Primary and other units take Isaac away to be reactivated; (continues) [0:16] Isaac is reactivated away from the Orville's crew, secluded away the Primary and Kaylon Secondary tell Isaac that his mission has completed upon is awakening after 32.7 cycles then cryptically tell him that no "decision" has been made.




(Air Supply cover) At the farewell party for Isaac, Gordon sings the song "Goodbye" to Isaac to show to much the crew and friends will miss him.

Kaylon's Dark Secret - John Debney

Kaylon's Dark Secret

John Debney


After finding Ty missing from the Orville, Claire and the others managed to find his life signs in a subterranean cavern on Kaylon; (continues) [0:37] Claire, Bortus and Talla manage to find Ty in the tunnels under the main Kaylon city; [0:38] Talla and Bortus with the help of Ty make a disturbing discovery about Kaylon; [0:39] Bortus transmits their finding of gravesites back the Orville; [0:40] The Kaylon Secondary completes his analysis just as Ed, Kelly, Claire and Talla arrives and proceeds to confront Isaac and the Primaries about the mass graves under the planets layers; [0:41] Isaac explain that the bodies were the Kaylon makers and the conflict that led between the Builders and Kaylon which led to a genocide; [0:42] Appalled by the Kaylon, Ed reascends the Union invitation and attempts to leave the planet only for the group to be taken prisoner at gunpoint by the Kaylon.

Prisoners of the Kaylon - John Debney

Prisoners of the Kaylon

John Debney


Ed attempts to order the Orville to leave the planet without the away team and alert Union Central but before Bortus and the crew can comply, the Kaylon override the ship's system; (continues) [0:44] Hundreds of armed Kaylon soliders storm the Orville, taking the crew hostage and killing those that resist; [0:45] Armed fire is had by both Orville crew and Kaylon's with resistors and aggressors dying as the ship is taken over; [0:46] after making their way to the bridge with Ed and the bridge crew captive, the Kaylon Primary sits in the captain's chair and orders all the forces set a course to Earth; Isaac takes his set in Science Command; [0:47] The Orville leaves Kaylon, flanked by a vast armada of Kaylon ships.

The Orville End Titles - Bruce Broughton

The Orville End Titles

Bruce Broughton


End titles.


C'mon, there's no such thing as a stupid question. Get the ball rolling and be the first.

Theme Song

The Orville Main Title

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Bruce Broughton, Andrew Cottee, John Debney & Joel McNeely

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