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Fire Country Soundtrack [2022]

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Episode 1

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Season 1

Episode 1 • Pilot

Fearless - Kat Leon & Jo Blankenburg


Fire Country | Official Trailer | CBS

Riot - Kane Brown


Fire Country | Extended Trailer | CBS Fall 2022

We Own the Night - Shannon Martin Riley

We Own the Night

Shannon Martin Riley


CBS "Friday Premiere Night" Series Premier Trailer | Friday Night Line-Up Trailer (2022)

Joker And The Thief - Wolfmother

Joker And The Thief



"Water Up"; the Edgewater Firefighters hit the group as helicopter drops down tons of water on fire; Vince praises his job as the other cheer after the water drop; Bode is unknowingly transported along with Freddy and other inmates by DOC to Three Rock Con Camp in Edgewater, California.

Cry (feat. Scott Lean) - J Clearwater

Cry (feat. Scott Lean)

J Clearwater


At Smokey's Bar, Eve and Jake meet up with Gabriela; Gabriela asks Eve and Jake their recent fire; Eve become awkward after Aydan fire with her and she attempt to flirt back; Jake gives Eve advice on flirting, Eve leaves to change the music instead of talking with Ayden; Jake apologizes to Gabriela for missing presentation of the town key to her earlier then assures her that she didn't choke in Tokyo.

Wilder Days - Morgan Wade

Wilder Days

Morgan Wade


(Off screen) Eve changes the music on jukebox; Gabriella inadvertently tells Jake she loves him as she asks him about where they're relationship is headed after 5 months of being together and suggesting she not return to Florida to continue her training.

Doo Wop - The Split

Doo Wop

The Split


Jake arrives at the Perez resident just as Gabriella heads out to leave.

Starting Over - Chris Stapleton

Starting Over

Chris Stapleton


Jake and Gabriella kiss after making up and Jake opening up the Gabriella; (continues) Vince makes dinner at home when Sharon returns, she informs him that he won't be getting equipment he requested from the Fire Department Board but asks that rallies and submit it again with different options; Vince tells Sharon about visit their daughter, Riley, grave and the conversation he overheard her best-friends, Jake and Eve, having earlier about Riley.

Ride the Lightning (717 Tapes) - Warren Zeiders

Ride the Lightning (717 Tapes)

Warren Zeiders


After Eve informs her that of his return Sharon goes to see Bode; Sharon embrace and reunites with her son; Vince finds Sharon and Bode hugging, he asks Bode why he's returned.


Russell (GUEST)

20 days ago

What music is used at end of each episode. Sounds similar to music from Fire Fly

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Jon Mesheski (GUEST)

a year ago

What was the music from April 6 fire country

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