Wolfmother - List of Songs

Has 38 songs in the following movies and television shows

Riverdale - Poster
As a prank the group super glue Mr. Honey into his chair and to phone.
Preacher - Poster
Tulip drives away after dropping off Jesus; Cassidy walks outside to join Tulip as Neal and his Demon lover destroy the bar.
The Good Doctor - Poster
Jackson, Audrey, Claire and Shaun run into trouble as they begin Persephone's surgery until Aubrey comes up with a different plan that will allow them to continue onward.
The Blacklist - Poster
Red negotiates with a group of bank thieves to get them out of a bank surrounded by police; montage of Red and the thieves escaping.
9-1-1 - Poster
chimny leaves after he is told Tatiana isn't right for him.
Lucifer - Poster
Chloe complains about Lucifer's driving as they rush to the airport.
War Dogs - Poster
David and Efraim leave Bagdad with 3 million dollars.
Zoolander 2 - Poster
Derek and Hansel are whipped by All and then are doused by a large bucket of prunes.
The Hangover Part II - Poster
They ride the speedboat back to the wedding.
Friday Night Lights - Poster
The Lions work on taking the lead.
The Dilemma - Poster
Ronny and Beth play ping pong.
Chuck - Poster
Sarah returns to the fight; Ellie phones Chuck while he's trying to escape his captors; repeats as Morgan distracts the bad guys as Sarah & Casey take them out.
Due Date - Poster
Ethan and Peter drive off again after getting weed off the dealers. This song plays in the car.
Tomorrow, When the War Began - Poster
Song as Homer walks out of the police station and releases the handbrake on the police car.
Chuck - Poster
Sarah & Chuck enter the security summit, while Casey & Morgan infiltrate the server room.
(500) Days of Summer - Poster
Days 456-476. Tom is bouncing the ball while lying on his bed. A montage of Tom getting his life back together begins.
The Hangover - Poster
They all play blackjack at the same table.
South Park - Poster
Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski decide to play Guitar Hero just for fun and leave the fame behind. With many of their friends watching, they finally reach their 1,000,000 point goal.
Shrek The Third - Poster
Song from "Snow White" from "Far-Far-Away"
Spider-Man 3 - Poster
Gwen is modeling before the crane takes out the building she's in.
The O.C. - Poster
Again at Volchok's party, this song plays as Marissa saves Heather from getting gang raped in the van.