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Sons Of Anarchy Soundtrack [2008]

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Episode 12

Episode 12 • The Sleep of Babies

Forever Young - Audra Mae & The Forest Rangers

Forever Young

Audra Mae & The Forest Rangers

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Jax wakes up with Tara in his arms, then she sleepily declares she loves him; Clay comments on Gemma's love for her cockatoo; Opie lies in bed with his family; Tig tells the woman in his bed to leave; montage; Abel is released from the hospital.

Stray Bullit Woman - Greenleaf

Stray Bullit Woman


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Opie asks Tig if he knows anything about his cellphone being dunked in beer, then calls Donna while talking to Tig about his kids.

White Angel - Lions

White Angel


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Tig sets up for the hit on Opie's truck and follows it; Unser stops by the party to tell Clay that Opie's not a rat; Gemma asks Clay what's wrong; Tig shoots Donna.

Bodacious - Mojo Monkeys


Mojo Monkeys

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Jax arrives home with Abel to a gathering of the Club.

Who Stole The Booty - Boo Boo Davis

Who Stole The Booty

Boo Boo Davis

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Tara watches Wendy interacting with the Club members, then joins Jax on the couch; Jax pulls Tara away to ask her to cool the shows of affection in front of Wendy; Donna, Opie & the kids head for home.

No Generation - Lions

No Generation


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The Niners arrive at the Sons-Mayans gun deal and start a shoot out.

Forever Young (A Cappella) - Audra Mae & The Forest Rangers

Forever Young (A Cappella)

Audra Mae & The Forest Rangers

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Jax looks in on Abel; Opie is comforted by his mother; Chibs & Juice drink in silence; Gemma comforts Clay; montage; Jax & Wendy lie in bed together.

End Of Story - Fireball Ministry

End Of Story

Fireball Ministry

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Opie asks Jax why he thinks selling the surplus guns is a bad idea; Donna stops by the clubhouse to discuss plans for the kids with Opie.


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