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Sons Of Anarchy - S1E13 Soundtrack

The Revelator

659 liked songs • 550k views • music supervisor Bob Thiele Jr. & Michelle Kuznetsky

Complete List of Songs

  • Every MinuteLadies Of The Canyon
    Ladies Of The Canyon
    Jax arrives at Donna's wake and embrace's Opie's mom, Mary.
  • Temptation Took Control Of MeHolloway & The Scrantones
    Holloway & The Scrantones
    Wendy asks to borrow Gemma's car, while Gemma unpacks Jax's stuff; Gemma finds the manuscript hiding in Jax's clothes.
  • Lightning When I NeedFive Horse Johnson
    Five Horse Johnson
    Rosen fills the guys in on the witness & ATF's plan to charge Opie; the Club discusses taking out the witness.
  • Ashes To AshesTarbox Ramblers
    Tarbox Ramblers
    Jax asks Gemma to let Clay know he wants to speak with him; Piney drinks at the cabin; Tara contemplates things in the hospital nursery; Opie drinks while staring at his Club jacket; Jax waits for Clay's arrival.
  • Stay FreeBlack Mountain
    Black Mountain
    Juice informs Jax that the informant witness is a 17-year-old girl; Jax goes storming off as Clay calls for him to stop.
  • Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers
    Jax washes up in the cemetery; the Club heads to Donna's funeral; Jax arrives late to the funeral; Tara walks Jax's Club vest over to him; Jax lays a flower on Donna's casket then heads for his father's grave; Piney hands Jax a copy of John Teller's manuscript and tell him it's time for a change; Gemma & Clay worriedly watch Jax standing at John's grave.


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