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Sons Of Anarchy Soundtrack [2008]

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Episode 1

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Season 4

Episode 1 • Out

Coal War

Joshua James

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Jax is told to get his stuff together; Tara contemplates a lettter; Gemma cares for baby Thomas; SAMCRO is released from prion; Otto receives a special breakfast; the guys are greeted by the rest of the Club; a guard finds Otto with his wrists slashed; SAMCRO checks out a new Charming development; the new Charming sheriff greets SAMCRO with a road block.

Wedding March


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Opie & Lyla kiss at the end of the ceremony.

Bridal Chorus


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Piney walks Lyla up the aisle.

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SAMCRO is followed down the highway by some sheriffs, then they box in their car to prevent them from tailing Clay.

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Everyone gathers for the wedding at the Wahewa reservation.

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Clay, Jax & Opie meet with Putlova at the Jelllybean strip club.

Everybody Seems To Think (You've Got Some Kind Of Hold On Me)

The Deadly Snakes

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Clay is warned there are two sheriffs watching the clubhouse.

Burning Your House Down

The Jim Jones Revue

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Piney warns Tara to keep history dead; Tara thanks Gemma for her support; SAMCRO arrives at the clubhouse and are greeted by family and significant others.

What A Wonderful World

Alison Mosshart

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Lyla calls Opie onto the dance floor; some of the guys check out Putlova's operation; montage of SAMCRO taking out Putlova and his men; while cleaning up Abel's room, Gemma finds the note from Maureen; Jax & Tara dance.

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Clay thanks Alvarez for his help; Gemma dances with Unser; Putlova shows the Club some handguns.


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