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Sons Of Anarchy Soundtrack [2008]

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Episode 2

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Season 4

Episode 2 • Booster

Poster Child

The Lions

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Roosevelt looks around the clubhouse, then takes an axe to the mugshot wall.

Take This Beach

Ben Ottewell

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Clay asks Gemma if the Russian killings made the papers, then Gemma expresses concern over the note she found from Maureen.

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Clay tells Unser he needs help with a transport, then asks if Tara has been asking about questions about John Teller.

I Do Believe My Time Is Coming

Bo Molasses

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Clay tells Tig he wants the deal to go through, then asks him to inform Happy they need to keep the guns at his aunt's house a bit longer.

I'm Going To A River

Don Cavalli

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Juice complains about the condition of Unser's bike; Bobby tells Tig that Clay is locking everyone but Clay out of his dealings; Clay refuses to take Jax's call.

Closed Casket

The Deadly Snakes

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Jax turns off the radio as he & Opie drive out to check on the ammo.

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The Club celebrates Jax & Tara's engagement amid the wreckage from Roosevelt's show of power.


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