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Veronica Mars Soundtrack [2004]

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Episode 1

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Season 1

Episode 1 • Pilot

What You Want

The Wayouts

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Played while Veronica cuts Wallace down off flagpole.

Insincere Because I

The Dandy Warhols

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Playing while Veronica is sitting at the lunch table talking about how Duncan used to be her boyfriend.

La Femme d'Argent


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Playing under the voiceover at the very top of the episode [DVD only].

Bathroom Stall

Dame Lee

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Played while Veronica is talking to Logan and Duncan while they're sitting in the yellow car.

Give You More

Taxi Doll

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First song played at the party where Veronica gets drugged.

Sittin' On Top Of The World

Botany Boyz

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Played while Wallace gets robbed at the Sac and Pac.

(Don't Fear) The Reaper

Blue Öyster Cult

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Played while Veronica and her dad are barbequeing.

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Played during the car wash flashback scene.

Just Another

Pete Yorn

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Played when Veronica is at the pool and thinks she hears her mother, and also while she is playing with her dog at the beach.

Weak Become Heroes

The Streets

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Played while Veronica is at the computer printing the picture.

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Second song played at the party.

Pata Pata

Miriam Makeba

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Played during the fake fire in the evidence room at the sheriff's office.

Atomic Girl

The Wannabes

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Played near the end when Veronica is talking to Wallace on the beach and he is flying his airplane.


David Garza

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Played when Veronica is sitting in the office near the end.

We Used To Be Friends

The Dandy Warhols

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Theme song.


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