Pete Yorn - List of Songs

Has 32 songs in the following movies and television shows

Hall Pass - Poster
Playing at the pool party. Maggie and Grace are flirting with guys.
The Vampire Diaries - Poster
Lexi comes out of bathroom with towel on
My Sister's Keeper - Poster
Brian takes Kate out of hospital for the day so he can take them all to the beach.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Nino asks the coach if he's heard from the scout; Sam goes to her birth mom's house; Victoria reassures Brooke; Lucas tells Peyton they can get married right away.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Jack & Sam talk back to Principal Rimkus; Skills tells Mouth they're going on a roadtrip; Lucas & Nate talk while watching Jamie shoot hoops; Julian asks Brooke to go to California with him.
Scrubs - Poster
End of episode; Kelso receives bad news.
Bones - Poster
Booth gives Brennan a Brainy Smurf figurine while telling her that she's better than Smurfette.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Dan talks to Daunte; Coach Whitey enjoys his win; the gang hangs out at Karen's Café.
Veronica Mars - Poster
Played during the dance flashback scene.
Veronica Mars - Poster
Played when Veronica is at the pool and thinks she hears her mother, and also while she is playing with her dog at the beach.
Shrek 2 - Poster
Shrek, Donkey and Puss steal the potion from Fairy Godmother, but get revealed
The Girl Next Door - Poster
Matthew goes up to Danille and hands her the picture she drew in the diner. He tells her she's Better then this.
Smallville - Poster
Lana visits Clark at the loft.
40 Days and 40 Nights - Poster
Erica is at work reading a book with Sam. Matt goes back to the laundromat and finds a note/letter from Erica in the machine. They go to dinner.
Roswell - Poster
Maria chooses clothes and talks about Michael with Liz.
Orange County - Poster
Shawn is walking through Stanford and runs into a girl reading a book. She invites him to a party.
Smallville - Poster
Pete talks to Lana about Clark.
Me, Myself & Irene - Poster
Hank steals a car as he drives back to Rhode Island.
Me, Myself & Irene - Poster
Charlie and Irene leave the hospital after getting beat up because of Hank's behavior. Contiunes playing on the car radio as Charlie tells Irene to call in the Rhode Island State Troopers.