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Recent Discussion

When was the name of song in lethal weapon when Riggs calmed dogs down

3 months ago

what's the song, when Riggs and Palmer are talking by the hotel? Near the end of the episode?

4 years ago

The song at the beginning isn't Outlaw by Youth, but I can't find anything that comes close to the song that actually plays. Anyone know what song it is?

4 years ago

What's the song that plays when young Riggs is shooting the deer?

5 years ago

Love this show and thanks to introducing me to the music of Big Terrible! Also FYI NEVER cancel this show, keep good writers and keep making one of the best shows on TV.

6 years ago

What was the song at the end ?? I CAN'T FIND IT

6 years ago

Austin Plaine - Still Forever http://mp3to.fun/austin-plaine/ Free download, but I had to try several times. Don't have it on Amazon.

6 years ago

What was the song at the end when Murtaugh goes home and Riggs talks to his ex ??

6 years ago

Austin Plaine - Still Forever Couldn't find it anywhere. went to mp3to.fun --- Free download, although I had to try several times.

6 years ago

Me too waiting for it

6 years ago

What is the music during the end credits?

6 years ago

Catch & Release by Matt Simons.

6 years ago

Did we get a response to what song was playing during the end credits of Dancing in December?

6 years ago

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