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Reign Soundtrack [2013]

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Episode 16

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Season 2

Episode 16 • Tasting Revenge

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The tasting commences.

Real Life - Elbow

Real Life


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Lola & Catherine discuss the Royalty's attempt at having their daughters become a mistress for Frances; Conde and Mary makes plans to meet in the wine cellar; Antoine informs Conde he's arranged a meeting for him with Elizabeth's envoy; Narcisse introduces Frances to his niece, Amelie.

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Lola asks Frances of Mary's whereabouts; Amelie tells Frances she has a message from Narcisse.

Come Lassies And Lads

Dominic Ashworth

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Bash asks Kenna to dance and apologizes to not paying enough attention to her, then suggests they go to Paris.

Hello My Old Heart - The Oh Hellos

Hello My Old Heart

The Oh Hellos

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Amelie works on seducing Frances and they end up in bed; Conde & Mary kiss; Frances tells Amelie he needs to leave; Mary throws a snowball at Conde, then someone sees them kissing.

Incomplete - James Bay


James Bay

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Greer returns to her room crying, then Leith runs after her and says he wants her no matter what.


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